Kdspy Reviews 2020 [Perfect Research Tool]

Kdspy Reviews
Kdspy Reviews

Kdspy Reviews 2020 — Perfect Research Tool To Make Best Kindle Book.

Are you looking for best software for authors  KDSPY The Ultimate Amazon Kindle Spy Tool which is also categorized under most valuable software.
  • How To Use Kdspy ? Check it in given video out to know how it works.
  • How to find profitable niches ?
KDSPY sits in your browser as your book research assistant
Unlike isolated software applications buried on your computer, KDSPY sits in your browser and becomes your — 24 hour on-demand — research assistant when you’re browsing Amazon. Every Best Seller or Kindle Publisher wants to work on profitable niche markets.
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kdpsy reviews

By Using This Tool You Can Find Hundreds of Niches In Hour. What TO Sellers, Authors , Publishes Says about kindle keyword research tool i.e Kdspy V5 Software.

kdpsy reviews

kdpsy reviews

kdpsy reviews

kdpsy reviews

 KDSPY Official Review — Is It The Best Keyword Research Tool?

Questions About Kdspy V5 Software ?
Here’s answers to some of the most common questions bout KDSPY.
Does KDSPY work on Mac and PC?
Yes. KDSPY is a browser extension that is compatible with both PC & Mac. And the good news is, installation takes less than 4 seconds no matter what computer you’re using — seriously!
Can the results be exported?
Yes. Absolutely. KDSPY will analyse all the Kindle, Paperback or Hardcover books in a category and give you an export of the results in under 29 seconds. But that’s not all. KDSPY will also allow you to export the word cloud, keyword results, author analysis and tracking data.
Does this work internationally?
Yes. KDSPY will work anywhere in the world to pull data from one of the support stores. Initially KDSPY was created to pull results from the largest Amazon marketplace; the US. However, due to popular demand, KDSPY v5 now supports results from specific stores in the UK, Canada, Germany, Australia, France, Italy, Spain, India and Japan. If I get enough requests, I will also consider adding other countries too.
Do I get future updates to KDSPY?
Yes. If you lock yourself in today for the insane price of just $47 (one-time) — that’s all you will ever pay. You will get ALL future fixes & feature updates to the software. And I plan on making a lot of improvements based on user feedback. Heck, we’ve made over 224 updates and rolled out over 20 advanced features since this was originally released in July 2014.
Does this work for fiction authors?
KDSPY was originally created for my own ‘non-fiction’ publishing business. However, being able to research multiple fiction categories with the speed of KDSPY will save you countless hours of research time when trying to see which genres may be the most profitable to enter. It’s why 65% of our customers, are in fact, fiction authors.
Does this work on any browser?
KDSPY is programmed to work on Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox — on an Apple, Windows, Chromebook or Linux system. Due to the declining popularity of other browsers, it will unlikely be supported on any others in the future.

How I can Use It After Purchase Or Personnel Experience With KDSpy.

This is brief summary to the new Chrome extension that I’ve just purchased it’s called KDspy I’m going to be showing you what it can do.
Soyou can see here I’ve just searched the longtail keyword letter tracing book and it shows different results on each page. Off course some of them are sponsored and some other books if I can find it here I’ll go now actually skew these results. I can’t see it right now. But you’ll see what I mean in a second.

So if I just come up here and click the Chrome extension you can see that for less interesting book there’s 20 results on the first page. As there always is on every single page it says the average sales rank is 13,000 the average monthly. Revenue is 12,000 but do be careful when you’re reading that number because that’s not the average royalty from each book that’s revenue and that’s a completely different thing and it’s also got the average book price. But this has been completely skewed by this one down here that’s listed at 380 dollars. Which I think is a joke price. I don’t think they’re really actually trying to sell it at that price and it also says the average number of reviews. That all of these books on the first page.

 But what I want to look at is just some specific books so for example this one here is run 1000 and You will notice that we’re on amazon.com. So that’s the US though it says it’s 80 pages and it’s priced at $4.99 So let’s check how much royalty they’re making from this book so we can do 80 pages and it’s $4.99 and I’m assuming that it’s black so they’re making 84 cents every time they sell One of these books.

 So let’s open up the Chrome extension again, So if they are selling 2000 books per month 2157 he just times out by 0.8 and you would get the less see I’m just going to check on my phone here 2157 times by 80 cents. That will be 1700 dollars in royalties each month. Obviously — any advertising costs if they are running adverts on that book and if we just click off here for a second. It is clear that it create space and only publish which means is keep as it was named back in 2017. So this is a book that you can absolutely make and let’s just take a look at the inside. I can show you it’s actually got the bestseller by G which is always really helpful. So you can see it’s just a letter tracing book and these are not all that hard to make you can definitely make one in canva. and this is actually the Chrome extension that I was talking.

You can create really good books that have longevity. These are going to be serious assets that are paying royalties every month to you and this is why it’s important to focus on some of the harder to create books to give yourself an advantage over the competition and this is why I have the royalty accelerates of course that also shows you how you can make books like this and make these higher up content types of books.
Solet’s go now onto the UK page so you can see that we have some different results on this one but if you try and go to find this one and check the rank that’s 1243 we’re on book. Yet we are not on EBook. So what is this one called — it’s called ABC. You want to trace ink so that’s definitely this one here 108 pages. Let’s put this into tangent templates 108 pages and the list price is let’s go back on here it’s 551. Which is I think around $7 so let’s do this and here that would be a royalty of $2 on five on each book.


 I don’t think we can actually change the calculator to do pounds by the looks of things so we’ll have to settle for this what we actually can do is click on this one here we’ll check if it has a similar rank on the .com store as you can see it’s also ranked 5,000 in USA which is absolutely fantastic. So if we were to check the price here that’s seven dollars just as I said so they’re making two dollars each time this sells and let’s see if we are now on calm it says that it’s making 600 sales a month at $2 royalty that would be around $1,200 which is absolutely incredible so this book is doing almost as well as this book here that’s rings 1,000 just because they’re getting a higher royalty amount.

 You can see the difference in pricing this one is $6.99 this one is $4.99 so even though this one is cheaper they’re still making more money because of the difference in rank compared to this one. So what I did actually want to show you as well is back on the dock code at UK Amazon store is they just wanted to compare the difference in sales numbers so if I can find a book that’s ranked 1000 on the UK. We can see that that correlates to with me you can see if that correlates to 400 monthly sales where as this one back on here on .Com correlated to 2,000 monthly sales which means that on the.com if you get the same rank of a thousand. You’re actually making five times as many sales just because it’s a bigger market and there’s a lot more competition. So getting to the 1000 BSR is a lot harder in America and as a result you’re getting more royalties from that. So I also want to do is compare their sales numbers on this Chrome extension to the sales estimates from this website that I always have used since I started Katy peek. Just to see if they have similar correlating numbers so you can see that this one here it says 2157 sales robot ranked 1039 so if I put in at 1005 9 says that’s 2,140 sales per month so that’s pretty accurate.

 Conclusion : I would say therefore I would have a lot of confidence that this KDSpy by a Chrome extension is pretty accurate and As estimation of sales so this is just a great extension tool to analyze niches to also look at different types of books. See what you want to be publishing so I actually bought this Chrome extension for the longer 30,000 word books I’m creating because it’s recommended in courses to do. So what they say is that when you’re searching for a niche it’s great to have this because you always need to look at the monthly sales rank. Especially on the Kindles thought because you want it to be around fifty thousand average sales rank on the first page but that does not apply to low content and no content anything with abs are under a million is probably still worth publishing when it comes to the low and no content.

But when you’re investing money into a big book you’ve got to make sure there’s enough demand so I hope that this has been a good review to KDSpy.

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Thats All About KDSPY The Ultimate Amazon Kindle Spy Tool.

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