Video Dashboard Review 2020 [Detail Review]

Video dashboard Review
Video dashboard Review

Video Dashboard Review - Welcome friends — Here is a review about Video Dashboard which is Launched recently.

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Video Dashboard Reviews 2020 : In this review, I’ll be showing you inside Paul Ponna’s Video Dashboard app and give you a full demo of how it works and what it does. You’ll find full details of the bonuses, pricing and more on the website above.

VideoDashboard is an all-in-one futuristic technology to Research the trending market pulse, create stunning
 videos, and get traffic on demand.

Some Benefits Of Video Dashboard are :

1. No need for multiple app, No more Confusion, No Neeed to spend hours trying to figure out what people are talking about online.
2. Customer can instantly create videos on trending topics / niches.
3. Rank higher on Search Engine.
4. Inbuilt fully populated content calendar with pre- filled video content for 365 days a year.
5. Create mind blowing videos for any social media platform within minutes.
6. Create eye popping videos for social platform such as facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn.
7. Convert any video into a sure shot traffic machine by instantly publishing to 11 of the hottest social platform.
For the first time ever you can leverage rapidly growing (and established) platforms like TikTok, Medium, Reddit, Pinterest, FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo, Linkedin, and Dailymotion from ONE ‘all-inclusive” dashboard!
 No other app in the market leverages new platforms (like TikTok, Medium, Reddit and all the other social platforms included) so this is a first to market opportunity you don’t want to miss out on.

VideoDashboard packs several “first-to-market” technologies to completely AUTOMATE traffic generation, content creation and lead generation.

Today we’re gonna be looking at Paul Ponna’s new product called video dashboard and what I’m gonna do in this review is take you inside guru some features and options so you know what this tool is about, how to use it and what it does.

You can always find details about the upsells and bonuses on my website that link will be directly under this review article.

Ok so let’s dive into video dashboard so what this is this is a really unique tool that allows you to find trending content trending videos on Instagram on Twitter on reddit to even be able to download creative common videos from YouTube and to re purpose the videos or to just directly re-upload to your social accounts.

I love about this tool is that the social accounts that it has that you can integrate with so if we click on social accounts over here you can see all these accounts that you can actually link to and so all these videos you can upload to all of these different social accounts and you’ll notice one of them here is tik-tok which is becoming extremely popular.

So this is a great way to get content to be able to post on there or to medium even which has a ton of traffic and ranks very well or in your Facebook groups and pages.

So this is one thing that I use it a lot for is Facebook because the more traffic the more posts that you have going on on your Facebook pages the more exposures want to get on Facebook and the more people it’s want to come to it most want to like it and so I’m sure a lot of these other platforms are very similar and how they work.

This is a great way to be able to get content and to be able to post it really quick or even schedule out tons of different videos and content to these accounts and just let it run automatically day to day.

This is a really neat tool because basically it has 365 videos one for every day of the year that’s based on that specific day of the year so if we go down here you can see we’re in February and you can go back or you can go forward and you can even choose different months you don’t have to go with what the day is but you’ll notice that they are specific for what the day is and so the first thing you’d want to do is come up here to choose platform and and Mark.

Do I want to post this video on my youtube channel do I want to post it on my facebook my tik-tok because each one of these a lot of them has different sizes and different ratios and what this will do is automatically create this video based on that specific platform so when you upload it it looks right.

We can go down here we can see today is February the 8th and so if I click on this video for today we can watch we can watch the video we can edit the video or we can just go ahead and instantly share it so if you don’t want to take the time to go in and edit it customize a little more you don’t have to you can click on share and whatever counts you have that you’ve added and integrated you can go here and you can click on them and you can select it so for example this is my Facebook one tutor mash is the only one that I have on this right now so I would select that you would write a message in here and you can schedule it out or you can post it now this scheduling feature is amazing because you can come in here and you could spend a couple hours just scheduling out these videos every day or even every other day for the next several weeks months or however long and once you do that you just let it go it’s gonna automatically do that every day without you being there which is going to give your accounts a lot more exposure and views and likes and comments and all that other stuff you guys like.

It has built-in music library and then you can finish and click start rendering what it’s going to do is render that video and it’s going to add it into your project section right here as you can see some of the others that I’ve done now some of the other things you can do with this let’s go back to the home and let’s say we want to find what’s trending right now. If we want search our social accounts to have that those trending videos put on it so we’re getting the traffic from that.

If we go to insta search which is obviously Instagram and we can type something in here so let’s just say make money is what we’re looking for you would simply type it in and not only is it going to give you these trending users here but it’s going to give you all the keywords or the hashtags that are currently really really popular for this specific keyword that you can use for you.

It does the same thing with Twitter so you can go into Twitter and you can search for what’s trending you can type in a keyword you can even search on locations and you can see all different kinds of hashtags here worldwide trends and then it also has where you can search reddit for what’s trending or you can go to youtube and you can do search for creative common videos so let’s just do say for example make money and we got all these videos here that are create comp with Creative Commons videos which means you can download these videos and re-upload them to your social accounts. Based upon the Creative Commons license you’re safe.

So you can see here where you can view the video you can instantly download the videos which makes it very convenient and then if you purchase some of the upsells like the vid remake err what you can do let’s say we download this video here we can then go to video maker and we can repurpose this video so if we go to start now select video just say I’m going to choose a video here it will allow me to change the background black or white square 916 you can zoom you can create an overlay for it so it gives you the option here of creating overlay from cropping it adding stickers all kinds of stuff that you can do to make this video much more unique to what you want.

It has other tools too that you can use such as being able to join together videos or even changing the speed of them to make them more unique or more of just the way you want them now let’s go to interactive videos this is something that’s really neat and I actually didn’t use this for a while and then I started using I was like wow this is pretty neat especially if you want to make like a landing page for your video to promote a product or service without having to build a website or a web page for it.

When you create an interactive video this is what you see and what you’re going to do is pick a video and then you’re going to give it a title a description you can add a logo if you want you’re gonna add a link and some text to it and a button collar and then you’re going to decide where do you want.

When you want this button to show up you want it to show up in the middle of the video the end of the video I put mine at the end of the video and mine says read the review so if we go to this video this page this link it’s giving us P o P is a notice it shows our video right here it here’s the title and then if we go to the end of it let me play it you’re gonna see right here this button pops up and if we click it it’s gonna take to my website so that is a really cool feature that I like about it.

With interactive videos it’s super fast way to create a page if you want to drive traffic to that page let’s see here- “Template Bank” -these are just pre-made templates you can use based upon the platform you want to use so it’s kind of a an easy way to get started. So if you want to make videos for Facebook you can click on this and it’s gonna have a couple pages here of pre-made templates that you can use for some videos so for example let’s just say -You do real estate we can do property on sale and we can just create the video real quick and that’s that. So these are just pre-made templates you can use for those different platforms.

Now if we go into projects so here in projects these are what all of all the videos that we’ve edited that we’ve created these are the ones that’s been completed and then these are the ones that are draft so basically what we can do here on any one of these videos is once they’re done once we’ve edited to them and Once they’ve been rendered we can go in these individual videos and we can just directly share them to any of these platforms we want to or we can schedule them out now if we go into scheduled post we’re gonna see all of our videos that are upcoming the ones we have scheduled and the ones that have been completed or you can do a brand new post so we can go here and we can just pick a video and you go through the process of either scheduling it or just instantly posting it and then white label brands the interactive videos and the video maker I believe these three are the upsells like I said check out my website for sure cause the details will be on there as well as the pricing but this is what video dashboard is.

It’s basically a one place where you can go to find out what’s trending and to get videos to find out the content that’s hot right now to be able to post and quickly add to your social accounts all from within one video dashboard.

So that’s my review of this product if you guys are interested in picking it up please check out the details in last para.That link will be work perfect also pick up some bonuses if you happen to get it through this article. So be sure to check that out if you like these reviews.

Please follow to my stories like this product review story and if you got questions leave them below and I will get to them as soon as I can thanks and have a great day.

If we want to edit one of these what we can do is we can go back into any one of these videos and we can just click on edit video and it’s going to bring up a built-in video editor that’s really neat because it gives you all different kinds of options from selecting an image or a video it gives you the sizes.

You can change the titles here you can see let’s be one forever which is up here happy proposed day which is right here would be my valentine and so whatever you put here it’s going to change that and so we can choose next.

We can change out images the media and then once you’re done you can choose callers you can choose the music.

 Thanks for reading this Video Dashboard review 2020

Hope You’ll learn more about the Paul Ponna Video Dashboard upsells and pricing as well as Video Dashboard demos and tutorials. Pick up 10 Video Dashboard bonuses when you buy Video Dashboard through my post.

Video Dashboard is using World’s First All-in-One Technology To Research The Trending Market Pulse, Create Stunning Videos, and Get Traffic on demand!

This is an irresistible offer that newbies and seasoned marketers will be jumping to get their hands on !

Video Dashboard Review
Video dashboard Review

Video Dashboard Packs In Unprecedented Value With Several Fully-Integrated
Groundbreaking Technologies Packed Into ONE Dashboard!

Video Dashboard Review
Video Dashboard Review

Video Dashboard Review
Video Dashboard Review

Video Dashboard Review
Video Dashboard Review

Video Dashboard Review
Video Dashboard Review

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